Cryogenix was started in 2017 by founder Dan Thomas.

Dan had spent several years suffering from unexplained neck, back & head pain & had tried every possible route to fix these problems, from GP’s to specialists, acupuncture to osteopath, dentists & orthodontists.

In 2016, he finally made a breakthrough by the use of a specialised chiropractic technique called ABC due to a problem with his spine, but after years of chronic inflammation and pain & after a visit to the USA, Dan tried Whole Body Cryotherapy & found it to have helped him massively, the soreness was gone, & he felt refreshed & anew. Dan then tried it again in a number of other cities while travelling & decided that he wanted to help others with similar problems.  Having read about the list of ailments whole body cryotherapy can help with, this pushed him further to open his own centre in London & so the centre was born!

Dan uses cryotherapy on a daily basis and it’s changed his life!

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